Fight Stress With Adaptogenic Reishi Mushrooms

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Growing concerns about the food we eat has led to a new discovery of edible items that help strengthen the immune system and relieve stress.  A category of these so-called superfoods is an “adaptogen” defined in one instance as, “[A]ny of various natural substances used in herbal medicine to normalize and regulate the systems of the body.” (Collins Dictionary). Reishi Mushrooms have routinely been called an adaptogen because of their many benefits including their ability to reduce stress levels.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the growing interest at this adaptogen super food and just how it reduces stress for people taking it. 

What Are Adaptogens?

In its simplest terms, an adaptogen refers to any natural substances used in herbal medicine, that normalizes and regulates various systems of the human body.  Adaptogens are found in different plants, roots or fungi.  The confusion lies in the term itself.  Adaptogen isn’t meant to describe an herb or mushroom, but instead a series of actions (adaptogenic) they possess that results in responding to stress and reducing their harm to the human body.  There are adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha, and holy basil, as wells as adaptogenic fungi including Reishi Mushrooms.

Reishi Mushrooms - A Different Type Of Fungi

Best Time To Take Reishi

Reishi Mushrooms (ganoderma lucidum) possess many benefits for those taking them including lowering blood pressure, fighting fatigue, and improving the immune system.  However, because it is an adaptogenic mushroom, Reishi Mushrooms can significantly reduce a person’s stress level.  Often recognized and called the “supreme protector” because they have over 400 bio-active compounds, including Beta glucans and triterpenoids.  Click here to learn more about Reishi Mushrooms many benefits.

What Are Reishi Mushrooms?

For the novice, Reishi Mushrooms are a certain type of fungi known in the Far East to possesses many healing qualities and benefits.  While not a mushroom you would cook with because of its bitter taste, you can take Reishi Mushrooms and enjoy their many benefits through products such as capsules, grounded powder or liquid extracts

Where Can Reishi Mushrooms Be Found?

Reishi Mushrooms were originally found in China and Japan, growing on dead or dying trees. Today however, Reishi Mushrooms can be found in warm regions in many parts of Asia, Australia, Southern Europe, Southeastern United States and South America. 

Where Can You Buy Reishi Mushrooms?

Purchasing Reishi Mushrooms are as easy as clicking a computer mouse.  Today, Reishi Mushrooms can be found in specialty stores online and giant retailers.  As alluded to earlier, Reishi Mushrooms come in various forms for purchase including tinctures, capsules, and grounded powder. These products can be ingested by itself, placed in beverages, or used in several cooking recipes.

For a more in-depth look of what exactly are Reishi Mushrooms, click here

How Reishi Mushrooms Help Reduce Stress

It was the Chinese healers more than 2000 years ago that discovered the Reishi’s many benefits and used it to create many potions for health and well-being. One of these benefits was the Reishi’s ability to help the body maintain or restore balance and deal with fatigue and stress. 

What Is Stress?

Reishi Mushroom Adaptogen

Stress has been defined as a physical or psychological condition causing tension in the body. While some stress can be good for the body, most of the stress we encounter has negative effects on us. These negative effects can lead to serious medical complications such as high blood, diabetes, depression and anxiety to name a few.

Reishi Mushroom - The Stress Buster

Reishi Mushrooms help our body deal with stress by calming the nervous system and promoting relaxation.  This is done by improving the functionality of the adrenal glands which is responsible for regulating the release of stress hormones to areas of the body such as the nervous system.  These hormones help restore the imbalance created by stress and put our mind and body back in order.

Regaining Your Balance With Reishi Mushrooms

Best Reishi Supplements

If you feel yourself overwhelmed at times by life’s curve balls thrown at you, then taking adaptogens like Reishi Mushrooms will help you get back on track. There are many available Reishi Mushroom products that you can take to help deal with tension, fatigue and stress in your lives. Read our reviews of certain Reishi Mushroom products and order one today to de-stress and take control of your life.  Do it now!