Reishi Rejuvenation Milkshake

4.90 out 5 Stars  4.9/5 Two 8 ounce servings Need a warm healthy sweet drink during those cold Winter nights?  Try this Reishi mushroom milkshake to shake off those Winter blues and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  This simple and easy to prepare beverage is the perfect tonic as you endure Winter’s relentless …

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Reishi Mushroom Spring Drink Celebration

5 out of 5 Stars  5/5 1 8oz Serving Size As Winter slowly vanishes heralding the return of Spring, let’s celebrate the renewal of nature with this warm, healthy Reishi mushroom drink.  It’s perfect to sip on those cold Spring days that haven’t yet shaken off the vestiges of the fading winter.  The lavender …

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