Best Review SurThrival Immortality Quest Reishi Extract Tincture Online


4.90 out 5 Stars



  • Great Taste
  • No Alcoholic Taste or Aftertaste
  • Higher Concentration of Triterpenes
  • Pricey
  • Tends to Run Out Very Fast

Why I Chose this Product?

After stumbling upon Reishi Mushrooms during my travels in Asia and expounding and reading more about their benefits, I wanted to purchase a Reishi product that contains polysaccharides (Beta-Glucans) and high concentration of Triterpenes.  If what I just wrote seems foreign to you, read this article to learn more of the background of these two powerful benefits of taking Reishi mushrooms.  This product fits the bill and is exactly what I was looking for.  While most, but not all, Reishi products have Beta Glucans and Triterpenes , SurThrival’s Tinctures come in a high concentration allowing the dosages to be more effective.

Now, what’s the difference between choosing a Reishi mushroom tincture as opposed to taking a powder? It all boils down (no pun intended) to the preparation and the end process. Tinctures are made from alcohol/water extraction methods versus powders which are made by evaporating liquids leaving a residue or powder. The alcohol/water method provides several key advantages with the foremost being that the extracts from this method are known as ganoderic acids-a particular group of triterpenes- which have been shown in studies to counter several types of cancer cells.  This article explains more about Reishi mushroom tinctures if you still want to know more. 

Finally, sometimes I just want to change my routine and instead of measuring powders to add in my coffee or drinks I like to add just a few drops of SurThrivals Tinctures to my beverage of choice.

Who is this Product For?

If you need help with boosting your immune system then this product can help. Now, this is just my opinion and you shouldn’t just go follow some guy’s advice on the internet. You need to do your own research and absolutely consult your doctor or healthcare provider to make sure this product is a good fit for you. That being said, if you find yourself getting sick constantly or if yourself fatigued and tired, this product is just the thing to keep you going without inducing an unnatural boost like caffeine or energy drinks.

Product Features

Because this product doesn’t really have a bad taste or leaves no aftertaste you can take it straight, just a few drops, or mix it with a drink like Reishi powders. It’s very convenient for when you’re on the go and don’t have time to prepare a mixed drink. Another feature is that because it’s small you can carry it when you travel so you won’t be without your daily Reishi dose. Like most Reishi mushroom products, this is available online either at Amazon, the company’s website, and other health websites. If you don’t want to pay the high price, although for me I believe this product is worth every penny, I’ve listed three alternative Reishi mushroom tinctures below that are viable substitutes to my pick.

Reviews of Alternative Reishi Mushroom Tinctures Online

I’ve provided three alternative tinctures if you don’t feel like paying the high prices for SurThrival’s products.  Each of these provide some but not all of SurThrivals. However, follow the links to get a full description as some are alcohol free which affects the potency and benefits. 

1. Review of HerbEra Reishi Tincture Online

This Reishi mushroom tincture differs from our recommendation in that it is an alcohol-free herbal extract. If you are someone who does not want to take or taste alcohol then this is the product for you. Its extract ratio is 1:3 herb to solvent thereby guaranteeing all the qualities of the herb are fully protected. The manufacturer recommends between 30-50 drops, dispersed in a small amount of water or your choice of beverage, and taken 2-4 times daily to achieve the full benefits. Besides Reishi mushrooms, the other ingredient is 99.7% Glycerin Distilled Water. Distilled water is water that’s been boiled into a vapor and condensed back into liquid in a different container. This allows for the impurities that did not boil below or at the boiling point of water to remain in the original container with the new container being free of those impurities.

HerbEra Reishi B120 Alcohol-Free Herbal Extract Tincture, 4 Fluid Ounces

2. Review of HawaiiPharm Tincture Online

HawaiiPharm’s Reishi -Tonic of Emperors mushroom tincture product is 30% less than SurThrival’s product and is a solid choice for those who find our recommendation a bit expensive. Made in the USA and advertised as animal-friendly, gluten and GMO free, and vegan, HawaiiPharm recommends 20-30 drops daily mixed in your water, juice or tea. The manufacturer states the bottle should be shaken well before applying as natural sediment may occur from the natural ingredients. What natural ingredients do you ask? Well, along with Reishi mushrooms, HawaiiPharm’s Tincture includes crystal clear water and egetable glycerin. The product is available online at Amazon as well as HawaiiPharm’s online store.

HawaiiPharm Reishi Tincture, 120mL

3. Review of Florida Herbs Reishi Organic Extract Tincture Online

CFlorida Herbs’ Reishi mushroom organic tincture product is another viable alternative for those who want to pay less than SurThrival’s price and receive more in terms of size. The suggested serving size for adults using this product is one full squeeze of the dropper which provides about 30 drops of the liquid. As with the other tinctures, this one should be mixed either in water or another beverage you prefer to drink 2 to 3 times daily for optimal use. Besides Reishi mushrooms, Florida Herbs’ tincture is non-GMO. According to the manufacturer, the Reishi mushroom used for this product is extracted from organically grown, shade-dried leaves of the herb. All of the herbs are hand-harvested to ensure proper extraction of the bioactive compounds.

Florida Herbs Reishi Herbal Extract Tincture, 5.9 Fluid Ounces


For those who are more daring, you can find many ways of making your own Reishi mushroom tinctures as the internet is full of Reishi mushroom tincture recipes. However, if you’re just learning about herbal medicine and the various ways this mushroom can benefit you, my suggestion is to start out by purchasing and using the recommendations in this review to help you on your journey of learning. The beauty about these products is that they are small enough for you take wherever you go so you‘ll never miss out on getting your daily dose of Reishi mushrooms and the wonderful benefits they provide. Remember to check with your doctor before you begin a new regimen and diet and that this is just one man’s opinion and should not be considered medical advice. Cheers!