Best Review Ganoderma Juncao Reishi Mushroom Coffee Online


5 out 5 Stars



  • Great Coffee Taste
  • Perfect Morning Pick Me Up
  • Best Way to Start the Day
  • Higher Concentration of Triterpenes
  • Packaging
  • Need Keurig Version

Why I Chose this Product?

Coffee. Mmmm. Not only does it taste so good, it makes you feel really good. Now when combined with Reishi mushrooms, you get an added boost of healthy Beta-Glucans and Triterpenes. Win-win, right? I’m an avid coffee drinker, about 5-6 cups a day, starting in the morning, working my way through the afternoon, and then finishing if off a night with a cup right after dinner. Long story short, I drink a lot. Which is why when searching for a Reishi mushroom coffee product, I chose Ganoderma Juncao Certified Organic Reishi Mushroom Black Coffee and their 10-box size, just so I can be assured for a while of never running out of my favorite Reishi drink.

When deciding the best ways to take Reishi mushrooms, the abundance of choices may seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, after I get done explaining why Reishi mushroom coffee is my go-to drink of choice to get the benefits of Reishi mushrooms, you’ll feel the only thing you need in life is this coffee drink.

First, we all know that coffee is a great beverage that many people like to drink, right? How else can you explain the popularity of Starbucks or Keurig machines? Coffee’s popularity is due mainly to its stimulating effect on people that comes from caffeine. Studies have shown that drinking coffee, in moderation as defined by no more than 3-4 cups a day, reduces anxiety, makes you less stressed out, and calms you down overall. Also, because coffee has high levels of antioxidants and good for you nutrients, the argument can be made that it is also healthy for you.

Now if you’ve studied Reishi mushrooms then you should know all about their health benefits. If not, this article will give you the skinny on what Reishi mushrooms can do for you. For me, as I describe here, I take Reishi mushroom products to help with my respiratory and asthma problems. Since I mentioned before that I love coffee, having the two combined in one product was something I must have. Sometimes I alternate between having straight Reishi coffee and using this product to mix in my regular coffee. It just depends on what I feel. Either way, I can’t go wrong. This Reishi mushroom coffee tastes great, and don’t let the “instant” label turn you away. You don’t even notice this is an instant coffee when drinking it. With the natural boost you usually get from Reishi mushrooms plus the stimulating effect of coffee in general, this Reishi mushroom coffee is the perfect pick me up in the morning.

Who is this Product For?

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, or just love coffee, or want to feel energized in the morning with the Beta-Glucans and Tripterpenes, as well as the caffeine, then this product and the alternatives below are for you. Further, as we explained in another article, Reishi mushrooms increase blood flow to all organs thereby increasing the supply of oxygen. A good dose of oxygen helps prevent you from fatigue and dizziness.

If you also want to burn some fat, coffee has been known to provide benefits that aid in burning off fat. Coupled with Reish mushrooms ability to rejuvenate the production of libido, this product can improve significantly one’s sex drive. If that’s what you want.

Finally, if you are prone to depression then this product is a one-two punch that can help. Separate studies have shown that drinking 4 or more cups a day, decrease the chances of suicide. Further, another study suggested that ingesting Reishi mushrooms allows your body cells to become active which can aid in reducing depression.

Product Features

This is an instant coffee product so you just add water and stir.  So far I have been unable to find a Keurig-type for this brand but I’m hoping they make one soon.  That being said, the taste isn’t that bad for instant coffee, although some complain of the slight bitter taste that comes from the Reishi mushrooms.  That being said, this product comes with 10 small boxes with each box having 30 Sachets.  Each Sachet can be used in your standard 8 oz cup filled with hot water to make your Reishi mushroom cup of joe.   If you find the slight bitter taste a bit off-putting, try adding some of your favorite organic creamer, almond or low fat milk to take the edge off.   I usually go through one small box in about 2 weeks but I’m drinking coffee three times a day.  If you prefer to have a regular cup of coffee but with the benefits that come with taking Reishi mushrooms, I suggest you read my other reviews on Reishi mushroom powders and tinctures that you can add just to change things in your daily routine.  However, when you start adding Reishi mushrooms to your daily diet you’ll start to notice the beneficial change immediately.  But always remember to check with your doctor before you begin a new regimen and diet and that this is just one man’s opinion and should not be considered medical advice.

Reviews of Alternative Reishi Mushroom Coffee Online

Here are some alternative ganoderma coffee available online if 10 boxes seem to much for you to purpose while you try Reishi mushrooms out.  

1. Review of Ganoderma Juncao Certified Organic Reishi Mushroom Black Coffee Online

Okay, this isn’t really an alternative as it is just the product I reviewed but with 5 boxes instead of 10.  Still, if you want to try my reviewed product but don’t want to spend a lot of money, or you’re not sure if you’ll like the taste or that you can drink all 300 Sachets, this product comes with only 150 Sachets instead.  But I think you’ll agree that once you try it you’ll be hooked.

Ganoderma Juncao Certified Organic Reishi Mushroom Black Coffee, 5 Boxes

2. Review of Ganoherb Reishi Mushroom Coffee Online

If you’re a coffee lover but want to start off slowly with Reishi Mushroom coffee than Ganoherb Reishi Mushroom coffee is for you. At an affordable price, this product comes with 25 Sachets of instant black coffee that mixes with ease in hot water. Each Sachet has about 0.08 ounces or 2.5 grams. The taste is described as having a smooth nutty flavor, that’s sugar free, but is NOT decaffeinated for those looking for a decaf coffee.

Ganoherb, Reishi Mushroom Coffee, 4.3 Oz. 

3. Review of PureGano Black Instant Coffee Online

This Reishi Mushroom coffee is made of premium Indian micro-ground instant coffee which allows it to easily mix with hot water in seconds. Besides being certified Halal, it helps users curb their appetite allowing them to lose weight and keep it off. It’s a good tasting coffee without the bitterness, more coffee-ish than Reishi, if that makes sense, but with the same benefits. Each order comes with 2 boxes each containing 30 Sachets each, plus 6 bonus sample Sachets thrown in from the supplier. The Sachets make it easy for travel so you’ll never miss your Reishi Mushroom coffee fix in the morning.

PureGano Black Instant Coffee, 66 Sachets

4. Review of Proda Corp. Reishi Mushroom Single Serve K-cup Pods Online

For those who don’t want an instant coffee product but something that can be used in a single-serve brewer coffee machine, like Keurig Coffee Makers, then Proda Corp’s Reishi K-cup Pods are for you.  Because the Reishi is concentrated in a K-cup format, the coffee has 5 to 6 times more Ganoderma extract than its instant coffee brethren.  Containing 10% less caffeine than regular coffee, it contains 1000mg of concentrated Reishi mushroom extract in each K-cup.  The bitterness usually found in Reishi mushroom products is non-existent in this coffee and instead has a strong dark roasted coffee taste.  I use them in my new Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker that I received as a gift recently.  Each box contains 12 K-cups so be sure to buy more than one because you are for sure to run out once you taste this great coffee. 

Proda Corp., Reishi Single Serve K-cup Pods, 12 K-Cups Per Pack


Someone unknown once said, “Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin!” Well now with these products, Caffeine isn’t a drug it’s a vital health supplement that’s more than just a vitamin. If you love coffee and want a healthier product than what you get at the local Starbucks, then Reishi mushroom coffee is for you. The benefits of Reishi mushrooms with the sophisticated and soothing attractions of coffee all rolled into one is what these products offer. As I’ve stated before on this blog, remember to check with your doctor before you begin a new regimen and diet and that this is just one man’s opinion and should not be considered medical advice. Cheers!